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Ute: A Game for Adults

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You’re Ute, a sexually adventurous young lady in a maze of randy gentlemen. Your only goal is to sex it up with as many men as you can get. Grab a fella, lead him into a private corner, and get ready cause it’s business time. Move the arrows in time for a better score, but keep an eye out for passing guys. If one of your other suitors catches you there will be broken hearts all around.

Though mighty explicit, there’s nothing sleazy about the game. It has a lot of charm, and a sweet, lighthearted tone. The animation is fun and adorably filthy.

Go make your grandmother proud and sow some wild oats.

Play Ute: A Game for Adults (NSFW)


Written by Nurse Edna

November 29, 2010 at 7:32 pm