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A Small Favor

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A Small Favor takes place in a dystopian world where currency has been replaced by a government-run barter system and the black market favor-trade.  You play a mysterious green fellow who’s racked up quite a debt in favors and is under the thumb of underworld forces until you can repay them. So when you receive instructions to take out Sen. RR Lobe to lessen some of your debt, you have no choice but to obey.

As you can imagine, getting to Sen. Lobe isn’t easy. You’ll need the proper security clearance and even then you can’t just waltz in there with a loaded gun. The two main components of gameplay are the barter system, and the collection of favors. You can pick up all manner of items but when it’s time to barter you’ll have to think hard about whether that empty bottle you’ve been carrying around will ever be useful at some point. If you do get rid of something you end up needing you can always barter something else for it, but again you’ll have to decide what you can give up. Most citizens have either a favor or mission they’d like you to do. Collecting favors helps relieve your debt, but doesn’t have any immediate advantages. Completing missions has more of a direct impact on the game. But remember when being controlled by corrupt forces your only loyalty is to yourself. You don’t have to do all of the missions. In fact it’s pretty tricky to do them all, since some of them cancel each other out. Choosing which ones to complete shapes the way the game will progress.

Navigation is simple, it’s point and click for the most part. Click the gun icon to draw or holster you weapon. Remember to keep it charged as much as possible. You’ll have to deactivate it at the security checkpoint, keep an eye out for somewhere to get it recharged. Your inventory is in the menu and you can combine objects from there. A Small Favor isn’t too long, especially if you choose to play it straight. And there’s really only one outcome, but there are plenty of different ways to get there and that’s what makes this an interesting game.

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Written by Nurse Edna

December 12, 2010 at 2:15 pm