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The Malstrums Mansion

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Inspired by Shadowgate, The Malstrums Mansion stays true to the era of classic graphic adventures. Conceived in 1989, created in 2009, it’s like opening a time capsule right in your browser.

The year is 1800, and the Malstrums Mansion has been abandoned for almost a century. You are the last surviving heir, and either brave or foolish enough to go against your ancestors and return to the mansion to claim your inheritance.  But the old inhabitants of the house won’t give it up so easily, dead or not.

To anyone who misses the old graphic adventures, Malstrums Mansion is really a treat. It recreates them faithfully right down to the old-fashioned copy protection and lack of a save feature. In true classic adventure fashion you will probably die a few times along the way, but can always quickly make your way back to where you were. The environment is richly detailed, and will really draw you into the world of the wicked Malstrums.

The controls are simple. Use the menu on the left to interact with objects, and the navigation arrows to move from room to room. Your inventory is on the right. To use objects, click the appropriate interaction on the left and then the object in your inventory. The game screen is enormous for a browser game. If you find yourself having to scroll the window up and down to read text, try setting your browser to full screen.

Play Malstrums Mansion


Written by Nurse Edna

November 29, 2010 at 10:05 am

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